The Shenandoah’s Civil War photo/micro-blog

I’m not keeping count, but yes, this is yet another blog… a “micro-blog” created once again as a place to “put my stuff.” Some might ask why I don’t just put all of my “stuff” in one blog. I see it as creating spokes in a wheel. The hub of this wheel is my main blog known as Cenantua’s Blog. It’s where I rant, contemplate, or whatever about Civil War “memory” and digital history. The spokes, however, are focus points of interest… really just information compilation blogs. As of this date, and of those I have published for public viewing, I have the Southern Unionists Chronicles blog, the More than Names in Stone: Staunton National Cemetery blog, the Avenue of Armies blog, and now this blog.

Essentially, they are extensions of my interests. I post when I feel like it, but I do so not for me, but rather, I do so in the hope that others, such as yourself, will find something of interest for contemplation.


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